mr. R.E. (Remco) Verkerke

Mr. R.E. (Remco) Verkerke

Areas of expertise:
Employment law, a.o. employment agreements, individual and collective dismissal, severance payments and packages, disability and employment conditions.

Remco Verkerke (1961) has been with our firm since April 2011 and mainly focuses on employment and corporate law.

After his graduation from the University of Amsterdam, Remco was a partner with Verkerke & Vos Advocaten from 1990 until 2011. During this period Remco has acquired broad experience in litigation concerning employment law and intellectual property law. Remco is a member of the Association of Intellectual Property.

Remco mainly represents senior personnel with banks and IT companies. In addition Remco has a broad client base with medium-sized companies.

Next to being a lawyer, Remco is also partner in Verkerke Vermij Management, a management office representing the interests of celebrities in the entertainment world.


mr. R.E. (Remco) Verkerke

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